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Staff Bios

Karin Ptaszek-Kochis

Karin joined NAPBA in 2022.  She is an enthusiastic pickleball player who loves to find new ways to play and teach the game.  A competitor at heart Karin won her 1st entered tournament at Green Valley Country Club in 2016.  Karin is also Pickleball Certified.


The majority of Karin's background comes from tennis.  She was a Top Ranked Junior in her home country Denmark and also made strides on the professional tour with a Top 300 World Ranking.

After playing college tennis at Brigham Young University in Hawaii, Karin starting teaching tennis in 2000.

Karin currently resides in Florida and Pennsylvania, with a full transition to FL in the Summer of 2022.


When not teaching Karin enjoys time with her husband (Matt), daughter (Kylie) and son (Dylan).

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